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Overview for Ohio Producers

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H2Ohio was first made available to producers in the Western Lake Erie Basin in 2019. Since then, more than 2,600 producers have enrolled 1.8 million acres into voluntary conservation practices that are improving Ohio’s waters. 

H2Ohio is Governor DeWine’s statewide water quality initiative designed to address complex issues impacting Ohio’s waters. Launched in 2019, H2Ohio uses a comprehensive approach guided by science and data to reduce algal blooms, stop pollution, and improve access to clean drinking water by supporting best farming practices, road salt runoff reduction, litter cleanup, dam removal, land conservation, and water infrastructure revitalization. 


Ohio Department of Agriculture’s (ODA) H2Ohio program is designed to reduce nutrient runoff by incentivizing producers to implement science-based, proven best management practices (BMPs) on the farm. 
ODA’s incentive program was first made available to producers in the Western Lake Erie Basin and is now expanding to counties statewide. ODA has a close partnership with SWCDs across Ohio to provide technical assistance, administer program contracts, and assist producers in implementing BMPs.


H2Ohio provides producers cost-saving benefits with financial and technical assistance to implement conservation practices that are proven to improve soil health and water quality. 
Eligible producers can enroll acreage into a Voluntary Nutrient Management Plan (VNMP) and earn a
$10/acre incentive for VNMP development and approval. Producers can also earn incentives of
$10/acre (Basic) or $15/acre (Precision) for VNMP implementation.


Agricultural, row-crop producers who farm outside of the Western Lake Erie Basin.


Please visit your local Soil and Water Conservation District for more information.

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