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Agriculture, Forestry, & Wildlife

About Our Services:

Most services provided to residents begin with a phone call to gain a better understanding of goals and concerns with your property. Once we have a better understanding of your goals and objectives, we can come out to your property and assist you with the development of plan to enhance the conservation of your nautral resources. 

Here are just a few of the services that we can offer: nutrient management(interpret soils tests), crop rotations and cover crops, pasture management(grazing plans, heavy use  pads, spring development), wildlife and forestry management(pollinator and wildlife habitat plantings, invasive species control). 


Stark SWCD also partners with additional agencies such are USDA -NRCS. NRCS offers easements, financial assistance, & technical assistance to help agricultural producers and forest owners make and maintain a wide variety of conservation improvements on their land. Contact Natural Resources Technician Jay Jordan at 330-451-7643 for more details on these programs.



Agricultural and Forestry Pollution:

Stark SWCD has State-given responsibility to respond to agricultural and forestry pollution complaints.  All pollution abatement complaints are investigated, evaluated and action is recommended to correct the situation. We work with operators and provide technical guidance to get them back into compliance. 



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