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Agriculture, Forestry, & Wildlife

Stark SWCD offers a wide range of conservations practices. We can assist farmers with onsite visits to investigate issues such as erosion, drainage, manure storage, and inadequate water source. Stark SWCD partners with additional agencies such are USDA -NRCS to ensure conservation goals are being met.

Our most popular program is cover crops. Cover crops are implemented to help reduce erosion and loss of nutrients. The roots from Cover Crops helps keep the soil in place throughout the winter months. We also recommend that at no till method is used in correlation. 


Stark SWCD has the state’s permission to respond to agricultural pollution and sediment complaints. All pollution abatement complaints are investigated, evaluated and action is recommended to correct the situation.

Stark SWCD partners with other local organizations such as Stark County Farm Bureau and OSU Extension to provide all necessary services and education to Stark County’s farming community.