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Construction Sites Management of Storm Water & Sediment

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Few activities cause the magnitude of soil disturbance in urbanized areas that construction sites do.  Soil erosion and resulting sedimentation are a leading cause of water quality problems in Stark County.  To protect the county's resources, Stark County Commissioners approved the Stark County Storm Water Quality Regulations.

The regulation's purpose is to protect the county’s water resources by ensuring that storm water and erosion and sediment control measures are in place on construction  sites. Erosion and sediment control measures are called Best Management Practices (BMP’s), and when installed and maintained correctly, they help prevent soil from leaving a site. Storm water control measures ensure that the volume of storm water runoff remains the same as before development occurs.

District staff inspects construction sites to make sure that contractors are adhering to the rules established in the Stark County Storm Water Quality Regulations. The District has the authority to issue a stop work order to gain compliance with regulations.            

The District is committed to helping achieve a balance between development and nature; therefore, preserving the integrity of Stark County’s natural resources. 

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