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Soil is an essential natural resource that we could not live without. Our soil resource has taken millennia to develop and human activity can destroy it with just a few passes of equipment combined with a heavy rain. Understanding how to protect and enhance soil is important whether you are working with a small vegetable or flower garden, or you are farming a thousand acres.

The first step in better management comes with testing your soil. This allows you to get a better understanding of what you have in order to make the right amendments.  There are multitude of tests to choose from.

For beginners or small garden/lots we offer a basic soil test that are available from any home and garden store. We will get a relative reading on your pH (Akaline, Neutral, Slightly Acidic, Acidic, and Very Acidic). This is the most important soil value because without a balanced pH your most important nutrients are not available for uptake.

For a more precise and accurate test we recommend getting a test from a soil lab. They test for pH, Phosphorus, Potassium and other macro and micro nutrients. Some even test for organic matter. They will also give you recommendations for the next 3 years. The process is easy and you can send them in via mail.

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