Rural & Agricultural Services

Stark Soil & Water Conservation District consults with non-farm rural landowners on a variety of land use concerns, such as soil information, drainage and erosion problems, as well as wetlands issues. A wide range of conservation practices and services from Stark SWCD and USDA/NRCS are available  for the improvement of farm and community

   About Our Agricultural Services:

  • Most services provided to farmers begin with an on-site visit to investigate a problem relating to erosion, drainage, manure storage, inadequate water source or USDA program compliance.


  • Resource Management Systems are developed to plan for all the conservation needs of the farm such as drainage and waste management.  Manure management plans are developed as a management and information tool for livestock producers, and can act as an affirmative defense against pollution complaints.


  • Once the producer decides to install an engineering practice, Stark SWCD technicians and NRCS engineers are available to survey, design, draft and lay out the practice for construction.  We will also work with Farm Service Agency in the allocation of cost share funds for the project.


  • Stark SWCD has State-given responsibility to respond to agricultural pollution and sediment complaints.  All pollution abatement complaints are investigated, evaluated and action is recommended to correct the situation. 

   About Our Rural Services:


  • Anyone interested in purchasing a property may request information about flood plains, steep slopes, shallow bedrock, seasonal wetness, and hydric soils on the site.


  • The District holds a tree and fish sale every spring.  This popular event offers tree seedlings and fish fingerlings at very reasonable prices.  Order forms, as well as pictures and tree descriptions are available on our website and in the January newsletter.


  • Popular Events

    • Other popular events include our Annual Banquet and the County Fair. 

    • The Annual Banquet is held in conjunction with the election of board supervisors and is our chance to highlight district accomplishments, as well as award any individuals, farms, developers or contractors who we feel deserve recognition for their conservation efforts. 

    • During the County Fair we set up a display and sponsor the hay and grain contest in the Grange building.