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Stark Soil & Water Conservation District is excited to announce the 2023 Stark BIG TREE Contest! We are looking for nominations for the largest AMERICAN SYCAMORE (Platanus occidentalis) in the County. Mature trees provide a host of ecosystem services and contribute to clean water and healthy soil.

Nominated trees must be American Sycamore trees located in Stark County. Sycamores are easily recognized by their large size and strikingly smooth white bark mottled with brown and gray. You often see them along side streambanks, but can be found in upland habitats as well. Helpful ID photos can be found here

















The tree does not have to be on the property of the nominator; however, permission from the landowner must be obtained prior to nomination.

Nomination forms must be submitted to Stark SWCD via mail or to no later than Thursday, August 1st.


The winning tree owner will receive a $75 gift certificate to purchase District merchandise such as trees, plants, fish, rain barrels, and compost bins.

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